Minecraft Plugins

Around 2016 I started working on Minecraft servers, and my friend Math0424 introduced me to plugin development. At the time, he was starting development on his plugin Withered, which has since grown into 5 separate plugins with thousands of downloads.

My first Minecraft plugin was ElytraDogfights, which is a minigame where players fly around an arena while fighting with swords and bows. I haven’t worked on this plugin much since 2020, but I might just come back to it someday. There is some talk among my friends about starting a new public Minecraft server.

The next plugin I developed is called Ledges, it isn’t in a state where I’d feel comfortable publishing it to spigotmc.org, but it is very fun! In Ledges, players find themselves on an island floating in the void, and use sticks to knock one another off. I modified the knockback that is applied when players get hit so that staying on the island becomes more difficult as the game continues.

ChallengeMode is a collection of ‘twists’ that can be added to a Minecraft game and configured to create challenges for players. I will expand the plugin as I go, but thus far it includes one mode called ‘SupplyDrop’ in which chests filled with useful gear are randomly placed into a shrinking world as the players fight to survive.

Today, I continue to create new plugins and use these on my Minecraft server, MangoMC.