Collect Call

Collect Call is a puzzle platformer game. You might work through the puzzles on your own, or you might talk to other characters to piece together a mystery.


The game gradually introduces new mechanics so you learn at a comfortable pace but still get the fun of solving puzzles on your own. Puzzles are made of simple components, like levers, buttons, physics objects, bridges, and others.

Steam Deck
I made the game with the Steam Deck in mind, as it had conviniently released just as I was starting the project. The game is written in Java, so it is able to run on Linux without hassle, and it is also able to use controllers. In my testing, I can get up to two-thousand FPS on the Deck, over three-thousand on my desktop.

Custom Levels

I made the game’s levels using Tiled, a free and open-source map editor made by Thorbjørn Lindeijer. It was also used to make games like Stardew Valley and Shovel Knight

With a bit of effort, you also can make levels that can be played in Collect Call! You can even use your own custom assets to make entirely new campaigns. Upon release, Collect Call will integrate with the Steam Workshop to download custom levels, but you can also install them manually! Collect Call creates a folder in the install directory called “Custom”. Folders containing custom levels should go in here, then Collect Call can scan that folder to find them. The first level should always have a name starting with “cc_”.

Download a kit full of mapping assets here, or go to the GitHub repository.

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